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Meet the Team

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Kaley Martin

A Recreation Leadership graduate from Jacksonville State University, Kaley has served in the camping industry for over 13 years now in a variety of roles including camp counselor, adventure recreation facilitator, event coordinator, program director and camp director. Her passion is to partner with families and church leaders to provide a Biblically sound camp experience where campers receive mentorship and are not lost in a sea of people. Kaley serves as our Camp Owner.

Spencer Martin

A pastoral assistant at Redeemer Church and pest control technician, Spence has served with a variety of ministries in various leadership positions including BCM president, Media Coordinator, Program Coordinator, CIT Coordinator and Youth Pastor. He has a passion for teaching and pouring into the lives of young adults. Spence serves as our Camp Chaplain.

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Maura Lyle

Maura has a degree in nutrition and nursing. She spent two of her summers of high school and most of her college summers working at a summer camp. In her seven years as a camp professional, she has served as a counselor, recreation intern and coordinator, nutrition intern, CIT coordinator, unit leader, assistant director and now serves as our Camp Director. She joined The Steadfast Project because she is passionate about pouring into students of all ages.

Joyce Jung

Joyce, or "Juice" as she is known at camp, is a nurse at UAB. She has over five years of experience as a camp professional. She is a dedicated member of her church and is passionate about relationships and serving people. Juice serves as our Camp Nurse and Event Coordinator.

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Lauren Robinson

Lauren is the Center Director at the Jacksonville Sav-A-Life. She teaches an elementary school aged Bible study and serves in the youth group at Redeemer Church. She has over five years experience as a camp professional and is passionate about camping ministry. She serves as one of our Event Coordinators.

Ashley Richards

Ashley is a nursing student and LPN. She has more than five years of experience as a camp professional and she is a passionate member of her church. She is one of the founding members of the Revive Youth Ministry. Ashley loves camp and serves as one of our Event Coordinators.

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Hope Stephens

 Hope is a wife, mom, and former homeschool parent who understands the challenges of navigating a world whose view can be quite different from her own. Her desire is to help campers develop a love for learning and a desire to serve. From serving as a guest house hostess, camp director and small business owner... She simply loves creating an environment that says “Welcome, we’ve been expecting you”. "MamaHope" serves the Steadfast Project as a Workshop Instructor.


Join the Team

Whether your are interested in serving at one of our camps or events, teaching a workshop online or in person, or supporting the ministry through fundraising, writing, planning or marketing... We are a team of volunteers who are always looking for individuals who are passionate about youth ministry. Email Kaley at to get involved.

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